The 5 Best Revit Structure Courses in Chennai

revit structure courses in chennai

Listed below are the Top 5 Revit Structure courses in Chennai for those interested in mastering the software. When it comes to mastering Revit Structure, a powerful tool for structural engineers and designers, choosing the right training course is crucial. In Chennai, a city known for its architectural wonders, several institutes offer courses to help you harness the full potential of Revit Structure. Here’s a list of the top 5 Revit Structure courses in Chennai.

Job Prospects for Revit Structure in Chennai

Chennai’s growing construction and infrastructure sector gives Revit Structure specialists great opportunities. More companies are using BIM technologies like Revit Structure, requiring qualified personnel.

Chennai architectural, engineering, building, and consultancy firms hire Revit-savvy structural engineers and designers. They are crucial to building project structural system design, analysis, and documentation.

Jobs Revit Structure experts consider:

Structural Engineer: Designs and analyzes building structures using Revit Structure to ensure structural integrity and code compliance.

BIM Modeler: Uses Revit Structure to create detailed 3D models of building structures with architects and engineers to coordinate design solutions.

Revit Structure Trainer: Teaches and support structural design and analysis with Revit Structure.

BIM Coordinator: Manages BIM projects and ensures stakeholders follow BIM standards and workflows.

Construction Manager: Visualizes and simulates construction processes in Revit Structure to discover conflicts and optimize timelines and resources.

As the building sector adopts BIM technology, Revit Structure specialists in Chennai will be in demand. By learning Revit Structure, people may take advantage of work opportunities in this dynamic sector.

List of 5 Best Revit Structure Courses in Chennai

Here’s the list of the 5 institutes that will offer the best Revit Structure courses in Chennai:

InstitutesPlacement AssistanceGuaranteed Paid Project Internship                         RecordingCourse Access(LMS) 
Dynamic CADYesNoNo
CADD SchoolYesNoNo
Sarva Sudrasanna AcademyYesNoNo


ACT has extensive experience training new and experienced engineers. Our goal since 2014 has been to train ambitious engineers well. Our training and assignments now meet industry standards. It specializes in MEP, CAD, and BIM courses to give students industry-relevant and practical skills for Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical design. ACTMEP delivers the best industry-relevant Revit Structure course in Chennai with practical applications.

AutoCAD training highlights

  • 100% Guaranteed Paid Project Internship by ACTMEP
  • LIVE projects.
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Advanced Modules
  • Affordable Fees
  • Certification
  • National and international trainers
  • LMS access for 6 months (complete recorded Course)

Paid Project Internships and Course Completion

Create a link between theory and practice! By completing internships in Revit Structure on actual projects, ACTMEP provides students with an experience that is not available in textbooks. Acquire practical experience by directly implementing the knowledge acquired in the classroom to the field. Join industry-leading initiatives upon completion of our course to launch your engineering career. Instead of simply studying Revit, make use of it! Secure your place in this highly sought-after internship program by enrolling immediately.

Apply now for the 45-day Online Revit Structure course.

4-Step Methodology 

  • Step 1: Attend Live Online Sessions
  • Step 2: Watch Video Lectures
  • Step 3: Do the Assignments
  • Step 4: Participate in a paid internship

Program Type :

  • Offline Course: Only in Chennai
  • Online Course : 2-Month Online Revit Structure Course
Course Fee: 12000 to 20000 INR
Course Duration:    1 to 2 Months
Mode of Training :Online and Offline Classes
Internship: Paid Project Internship
Contact Number:7204160004

2. Dynamic CAD

Revit Structure is a strong structural engineering platform for exploring cutting-edge technologies, creating design alternatives, constructing simulations, and publishing. Dynamic Cad classroom instruction for Revit Structure gives students the chance to learn from our skilled teachers, who prioritize quality training.

CAD software classes, including Revit Structure, are its speciality. Their Revit Structure Courses in Chennai teach students how to develop precise structural designs and models.

Current Course: Revit Structure Training in Chennai

Course Contents:
Address:M-18,M-19,M-20, Indira Colony, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600083
Phone: 9443977464

3.CADD School

Revit BIM is realistic structure analysis software. 3D concrete reinforcement distribution and steel structural connection data are included. CADD SCHOOL provides concrete detailing, steel connection, extension, load combination, and building structure analysis. We offer global revit structure certificates. Industry-trained educators teach.

CADD School is a reputable CAD software school. Their Revit Structure course in Chennai teaches students how to efficiently design, analyze, and record structural systems using Revit Structure.

Current Course: Revit Structure Training in Chennai

Course Contents:
Address:#172, Raahat Plaza,  IInd Floor, No: 196 & 197,   Arcot Road, Vadapalani,   Chennai – 600026.
Phone: 9884433 789

4.Sarva Sudrasanna Academy

Revit Structure is Autodesk’s structural engineer and firm BIM application. Its advanced features simplify BIM and Autodesk construction design. Revit’s superior BIM structural engineering includes 3D concrete reinforcement. Use rebar bending schedules to create exact reinforcement plans and shop drawings. Include steel details.

Its Revit Structure course in Chennai targets structural engineers and designers. Course subjects include structural modeling, design analysis, and proper documentation.

Current Course: Revit Structure Training in Chennai

Course Contents:
Address:No: 2 PC 6, 2nd Floor, Mogappair, West Main Road, West Mogappair, Chennai – 600 037
Phone: 7299077859


All significant international companies accept Acte Certification. After theoretical and practical workshops, we give freshmen and corporate trainees.

Its Revit Structure courses in Chennai are tailored to the needs of the industry and are intended to improve the proficiency of structural engineers and designers. By providing comprehensive instruction on Revit Structure, their course curriculum guarantees that students are adequately equipped to confront demanding projects.

Current Course: Revit Structure Training in Chennai

Course Contents:
Address:No 1A, Sai Adhithya Building,Taramani Link Road, Velachery,Chennai-600042
Phone: 8925913392

Finally, these top five Revit Structure courses in Chennai provide outstanding educational opportunities for those seeking to improve their skill set. Enrolling in one of these courses can assist structural engineering and design professionals of all levels of experience, including beginners, in mastering Revit Structure and advancing their careers in the field.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does Revit training cost?

A1: The cost of Revit instruction in Chennai differs by institution and course length. Advanced courses may cost between ₹20,000 and ₹40,000, whereas a fundamental course typically costs between ₹10,000 and ₹20,000. The cost may also differ depending on the mode of instruction, be it in-person or virtual classroom sessions.

Q2. What is the price of Revit learning?

A2: In Chennai, the cost of Revit instruction can fluctuate depending on the institution and length of the course. In general, introductory courses are priced between 10,000 and 20,000 ₹, whereas more advanced courses can be had for ₹20,000 to ₹40,000. Pricing may also vary according to the mode of instruction, such as in-person or virtual classroom sessions.

Q3. How long does it take to learn Revit structure?

A3: Acquiring Revit Length of structure differs according to variables such as prior experience and course difficulty. Acquisition of fundamental skills may necessitate a few weeks to a few months, whereas mastery of sophisticated functionalities might demand several months. Working through practical exercises and consistent practice can accelerate the process of acquiring knowledge.

Q4. Can I learn Revit in 1month?

A4: Learning Revit in one month requires focus and determination. Focus on fundamentals and practice often. Try intensive classes or tutorials and practice your skills on real-world tasks. This is a hard timetable, so expect heavy learning.

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