Top 10 MEP Courses in Hyderabad with Placements

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If you wish to pursue a vocation in the MEP industry, this blog post describes MEP courses in Hyderabad. If you wish to improve your current abilities, you’ve come to the right location. It will assist you in making an educated decision regarding your MEP education. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering plays a crucial role in the construction industry, ensuring that buildings are equipped with efficient and functional systems. If you’re looking to pursue a career in MEP engineering or upgrade your skills in Hyderabad, you’re in the right place. The demand for well-trained MEP engineers has never been higher due to the flourishing real estate and construction sectors. We will examine the Top 10 MEP courses in Hyderabad so that you can make an informed decision regarding your MEP education.

MEP Engineering Job Prospects in Hyderabad

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering is crucial to the building and real estate industries, and demand in Hyderabad, India’s bustling metropolis, is expanding. MEP engineers have never had better chances as the city rapidly urbanizes and builds infrastructure. MEP engineering prospects in Hyderabad are examined in this article.

1. Real Estate Boom

Hyderabad is seeing a real estate boom in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. High-rise buildings, IT parks, shopping complexes, and housing colonies require significant MEP systems for climate control, lighting, water supply, and sewage management. To design, install, and maintain these vital systems, MEP experts are in demand.

2. Sustainable Construction Practices

MEP engineers must adopt energy-efficient solutions as sustainable and eco-friendly construction practices expand. Green building MEP engineers are in demand in Hyderabad due to environmental consciousness and the necessity for LEED-certified projects.

3. Infrastructure Development

Telangana is building roads, bridges, airports, and public transport systems. These infrastructure projects need MEP experts to design and maintain electrical and plumbing systems.

4. IT/Tech Hub

India’s Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, has many IT enterprises and tech parks. Modern MEP systems are needed for effective operations and comfort in these facilities. MEP engineers help these systems satisfy tech industry standards.

5. Residential and Commercial Complexes

The rising population in Hyderabad has led to more residential and commercial complexes. MEP engineers must design HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems for these developments. MEP engineers are also needed for ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

6. Career Development and Opportunities

MEP engineers in Hyderabad have good career opportunities as demand grows. Consulting businesses, building corporations, government organizations, and independent consultants use experienced MEP engineers. Career growth is nearly endless with the correct skills and expertise.

7. Skill Development

To take advantage of MEP engineering prospects, you need the right skills and qualifications. The colleges mentioned above provide recognized MEP courses that can give you the information and hands-on experience you need to succeed in this sector.

8. Networking and Professional Associations

MEP engineers in Hyderabad can network with peers, learn about industry trends, and develop their careers by joining professional associations like ASHRAE and ISHRAE.

Finally, Hyderabad’s construction and infrastructure development sectors provide MEP engineers with several chances. The city’s focus on sustainability and modernization will increase the demand for skilled MEP specialists. A rewarding career in a changing sector awaits this field’s engineers.

List of 10 Best MEP Courses in Hyderabad 2023

Here’s the list of the 10 institutes that will offer the best MEP courses in Hyderabad in 2023:

InstitutesPlacement AssistanceGuaranteed Paid Project Internship                         RecordingCourse Access(LMS) 
MEP CentreYesNoNo
Rite AcademyYesNoNo
Al-Imran Techno SolutionsYesNoNo
Imech InstituteYesNoNo
SMEC LabsYesNoNo
KG MechYesNoNo
Taiba MEPYesNoNo
SM Techno YesNoNo
Acton EngineersYesNoNo


Advanced Certification in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing by ACTMEP is a leading institution in Hyderabad that offers online MEP courses. With an emphasis on real-time projects and a commitment to excellence, ACTMEP empowers students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic world of Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing engineering. Explore our courses and unlock the door to a fulfilling career in the rapidly expanding field of MEP engineering.

ACTMEP is a renowned institute in Hyderabad offering online MEP courses. Their experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that students receive top-notch training in MEP systems and technology.

MEP Course Highlights

  • 100% Guaranteed Paid Project Internship by ACTMEP.
  • 2+LIVE International and National Projects.
  • 100% Placement assistance 
  • Advanced Modules
  • Affordable Fees
  • Certification
  • National & international trainers
  • LMS Access for 6 months ( complete recorded course)

Paid Projects Internships on Course Completion

  • Internships are necessary for students to apply theoretical concepts in a practical setting.. They give valuable professional exposure, deepening industry understanding.
  • We value MEP practical experience at ACTMEP. Therefore, we provide exceptional project internships to our students.
  • Participants learn MEP skills in these internships.
  • Participants can join ACTMEP’s project internships after completing our course.
  • You can utilize this opportunity to learn practical skills and start your MEP engineering career.

Apply today to enrol in the four-month online MEP program.

4-Step Methodology 

  • Step 1: Attend Live Online Sessions
  • Step 2: Watch Video Lectures
  • Step 3: Do the Assignments
  • Step 4: Participate in a paid internship

Program Type:

  • Online Course : 4-Month Online Live MEP Course
  • Offline Course : Only in Chennai

Google Reviews and Ratings

200+ reviews and 4.7 average rating

Course Fee: 35000 to 50000 INR
Course Duration:  4 Months
Mode of Training Online & Offline Classes
Internship: Paid Project Internship 
Contact Number:7204160004

2. MEP Centre

MEP Centre is committed to offering superior MEP courses in Hyderabad. They emphasize real-world projects and practical knowledge, preparing graduates for employment in the competitive MEP field.

The MEP sector of the construction market is substantial. Due to the real estate boom, there is a big demand for competent MEP professionals to work on large projects such homes, businesses, airports, schools, hospitals, malls, and impending smart cities, among others.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentPrelude to HVAC, Basic Components of Air-Conditioning, Categories of Air Conditioning, Psychrometric Charts, Load Calculation and more 
Electrical Course ContentGeneral, Codes & Standards, Electrical equipments, electrical distribution for installation,  Major electrical loads, Electrical design calculations, Various design stages, 
Plumbing Course ContentPlumbing Systems, Domestic Water Supply and Distribution System, Sanitary Drainage System, Plumbing Layouts and more 
Course FeeN/A
Location No:6-3-788/A/12, IInd Floor, Durga Nagar Colony, Opp: Sitara Paradise Lane, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500016

3. Rite Academy

Certified company founded by Professional Engineers with over a decade of training and Engineering Services experience. Our objective is to enhance skill development in India.Our mission is to provide cutting-edge education to the approximately Lakhs of Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineers produced annually in India and to prepare them to meet the Job Market Requirements.

It is a reputable reputation in Hyderabad for MEP education. They offer MEP courses that cover the most recent trends and technologies in MEP engineering, keeping their students abreast of industry standards.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentTypes of Air Conditioning System, Types of Air Conditioning System, Categories of Air Conditioning,  Chillers & AHU, Ducts and selection,VRV Bill of Quantity and more
Electrical Course ContentFundamentals of electrical, Types of Load, Codes & Standards, design factors of cables, Methods of cable laying, Voltage Drop Calculation,Circuit Breakers  and more
Plumbing Course ContentBasic of Plumbing Systems, Basics of Plumbing Designing, Pipe Sizing, Design & Drafting of a Plumbing System, Drainpipe size calculations more.
Course FeeN/A
Location No 402, 11-4-659, Bhavya Farooqi Splendid Towers, Red Hills, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad-500004.

4. Al-Imran Techno Solutions

They offer graduates in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering a comprehensive, specialized training program.

Al-Imran Techno Solutions specializes in MEP courses in Hyderabad. Their courses are intended to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the MEP industry.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentFundamentals of HVAC design, Air Conditioning System,Duct Design and layouts, Heating and cooling load calculation, Chilled water system and  more
Electrical Course ContentScope of electrical designing, transmission and distribution general concepts, Lux level calculation , Cables, Voltage drop calculation
Plumbing Course ContentCommon sanitary fixtures, Water supply in buildings, Septic tanks, soak away pits etc, Garden water supply and fountain, External storm water drainage for buildings
Course FeeN/A
Location 13-6-431/C/52, Moghal Nagar, Beside Hyderabad Tiffin Center, Ring Road of Mehdipatnam- Hyderabad

5. Imech Institute

Imech Institute is a Hyderabad leader in MEP Training for aspiring engineers. Professional MEP Engineers plan and design Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Systems. This includes creating MEP Matters rules, standards, inspection methods, and evaluation tools.Our extensive MEP Course gives you the skills and information to succeed. Students will develop and review Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing project drawings, requirements, and cost estimates. 

It is committed to providing the highest quality MEP courses in Hyderabad. Their courses are tailored to suit the evolving needs of the construction industry.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentIntroduction to HVAC, Types of Refrigerating components, Types of Air-conditioning Systems, Psychrometric Calculations, Heat load Calculations and more
Electrical Course ContentBasic Electrical Engineering, Electric Circuit Design, Transformers, Switchgears, Cable Trays & Conduits, Lighting System and more
Plumbing Course ContentIntroduction, Water Supply System – Basics, Designing, Drafting & Calculations , Sanitary Drainage System, Storm Drainage System, Irrigation System and more
Fire Fighting Course ContentIntroduction, Types of Fire Fighting Systems, Hazards, Sprinkler System, Fire Hydrants, Stand Pipe & Hose Systems, Pumps In Fire Fighting System, Fire Detection And Alarm and more
Course FeeN/A
Location 11-5- 397, 2nd Floor Safa Apartment, Red Hills, Lakdi Ka Pul, Near Niloufer Cafe Hyderabad, Telangana – 500004.

6. SMEC Labs

In early 2001, SMEClabs SMEC Automation Pvt. Ltd. established its R&D and training center. SMEClabs offers industry-focused programs and trainings to enhance students’ skill sets and make them industry-ready. Its innovative approach to MEP courses in Hyderabad is well known. They offer a variety of courses ranging from fundamental to advanced, allowing students to choose the program that best suits them.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentHeat Load Calculations, VRF System, Chillers, ventilation system, HAP Software, Duct and Pipe Sizer, BETA Selection Software and more
Electrical Course ContentFundamentals of Electrical, Switch Gears, transformers, load calculation. Lighting layout, DB scheduling, Transformer Selection and more
Plumbing Course ContentPHE Calculation, Types of Pipe, Sizing Internal Plumbing Layout, Pump head calculation, tank selection, septic Tank calculation, waste water management. External plumbing and lab
Course FeeN/A
Location 4th Floor Sree Swathi Anukar Building, Satyam Theatre Rd, Kumar Basti, Ameerpet, Hyderabad- 500016

7. KGMech

KG Mech provides a comprehensive collection of industry-oriented training for all entities to fulfil a client-focused job profile through performance-oriented curriculum and real-time training. It provides a challenging and stimulating learning environment that enables each individual to reach their maximum potential, fosters their development, and encourages the desire to learn and implement for future employment opportunities.

It offers MEP courses in Hyderabad that emphasize the development of practical skills. They have a proven track record of producing highly-sought-after MEP professionals.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentIntroduction, HVAC Design, Exhaust Air System, HVAC Software, HVAC Drafting Autocad, Site Installation and more
Electrical Course ContentIntroduction, Lighting System, Load Calculation & Distribution, Cables Selection & Installation, SwitchGear & Protection, Electrical Equipments & Selection and more
Plumbing Course ContentPlumbing Introduction, Water Supply System, Drainage System, Plumbing Specialties, and Plumbing System Equipment
Course FeeN/A
Location 10-4/A/12/1,1st Floor, Above Gullu Dada Biryani, Opp. to NMDC, Masab Tank, Hyderabad-500018


8. Taiba MEP (TEC MEP)

TEC assists in bridging the gap between academia and the actual world of work. We instruct aspiring engineers in the design of HVAC, Electrical, Fire-Fighting, and Plumbing systems for all types of structures through mini-major engineering projects.

It is renowned for its dedication to excellence in MEP courses in Hyderabad. Their knowledgeable faculty and well-organized courses make them an excellent option for aspiring MEP engineers.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentFundamentals, Basics of Heat Transfer, Standards and codes, Study on Refrigerants, Hvac Design Calculations, HVAC Design Calculations and more
Electrical Course ContentFundamentals, Electrical Design Calculations,Power Services ,Cabels, Switch Gears, Panel Boards and more
Plumbing Course ContentFundamentals Intro to Plumbing, Plumbing Design Calculation, Estimation And Costing Of Project, Project Procurement Work and more
Course FeeN/A
Location 2nd Floor, Above Orient Eye Hospital,Retibowli, Mehdipatnam – 500028.

9. SM Techno

Since 2008, our renowned training institute has been a pioneer in providing industry-focused courses. We have been at the forefront of empowering aspiring professionals in MEP Design, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Firefighting Training, and Revit MEP & Architecture for more than a decade. Our dedication to excellence and quality education has earned us a number of prestigious memberships and certifications.It is a leading MEP training institute that provides MEP courses in Hyderabad to meet the diverse needs of students. Their instructional method ensures that graduates are job-ready.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentIntroduction to MEP, How HVAC Projects Executes, Physics used in HVAC, Psychometric, Air Conditioning System, Building Survey, Manual Load Calculations and more
Electrical Course ContentBasics of  Electrical Design, Basic Formulas,Lux level standards,Illumination Design,Types of Cables, Circuit Breakers, Capacitors, Transformers and more
Plumbing Course ContentIntro to Plumbing, Plumbing Equipments, Pipe Fitting & Accessories, Pipe Material, Basics of fluid Mechanics, Water Supply in Building, Fixture Unit and more
Course FeeN/A
Location 201, 2nd Floor, City Tower, Nalgonda X Road, Judges Colony, Malakpet, Hyderabad- 500059

These Top 9 MEP training institutes in Hyderabad offer a variety of courses tailored to your professional objectives and skill level. Whether you’re just commencing your journey in MEP engineering or seeking to enhance your expertise, these institutes provide the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to excel in this dynamic field. Invest in your future by registering for a reputable MEP course today.

10. Acton Engineers

ACTON Design Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad-based Training Institute and Development Centre with over ten years of experience in HVAC & MEP, AutoCAD, and numerous other mechanical and civil-stream technical courses. In addition, we provide training programs for technicians, including AC technicians, electrician, and BMS operator, among others.  We are specialists in providing high-quality training accompanied by effective support and wholehearted dedication from seasoned professionals, as well as practical exposure and hands-on experience in the execution of real projects and site visits.  Furthermore, placement assistance is also offered, and placement guarantees are provided for technician-related courses.

Details of MEP Training 

HVAC Course ContentIntroduction and Basics, Air Distribution concept, Ventilation concept, VRF / VRV system design, Chilled Water System, Hydronic System Concepts, Air Handling Unit, HVAC Testing, & (TAB), Cooling Tower, HVAC Additional Course
Electrical Course ContentNIL
Plumbing Course ContentDesign of Cold & Potable Water Systems,  Hot Water Plumbing System,Design & Layout of Drainage System, Plumbing Fixtures, Water Demand
Course FeeN/A
Location Flat No: 103, Pearl Residency, Near MS junior college, Santosh Nagar, Mehdipatnam

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is the qualification for MEP?

A1: Typically, bachelor’s degrees in engineering (B.E., B.Tech.) or related disciplines are required for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering careers.

Q2. What are MEP courses?

A2: MEP courses, an abbreviation for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing, are training programs for the design, installation, and maintenance of building systems. These classes include HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), electrical systems, sanitation, and fire protection. The typical MEP course prepares students for careers in construction, engineering, or facility management within the constructed environment by imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Q3.Is MEP a good career?

A3: Yes, MEP engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) offers a promising career path. It is essential to the construction industry, as it ensures the efficiency of building systems. MEP professionals are in high demand, and the industry provides employment security, competitive salaries, and advancement opportunities. Those who are interested in engineering and constructing infrastructure can pursue a rewarding career.

Q4.What is the fees of MEP course in India?

A4: The cost of an MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) course in India varies greatly based on the institute, location, and length of the program. It can range from 35,000 to 50,000 or more on average. 

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