Top 10 HVAC Courses in Delhi with Placements

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If you are interested in beginning a career in HVAC in Delhi, HVAC courses in Delhi will help you acquire the necessary skills. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are necessary for daily existence in Delhi due to its scorching summers and frigid winters. As the demand for competent HVAC professionals continues to rise, it becomes crucial to select the proper training institution. In order to assist you in making an informed choice, we have compiled a list of the top 10 HVAC courses in Delhi. Whether you are a beginner looking to start a new career or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills, these institutes offer HVAC training to meet your needs.

HVAC Job Prospects in Delhi

HVAC systems are essential to modern urban life, and Delhi, one of India’s most populous and vibrant cities, offers several HVAC job prospects. Due to harsh weather, fast urbanization, and rising demand for suitable indoor surroundings, Delhi’s HVAC business is booming. The scope and potential for HVAC jobs in Delhi are examined below:

1. Rising HVAC Service Demand:

HVAC systems are essential in Delhi due to its hot summers and cold winters. The city’s growing residential, commercial, and industrial projects have increased HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair demand.

2. Commercial and Industrial Opportunities:

Offices, retail malls, factories, and warehouses in Delhi employ HVAC systems to keep working conditions comfortable. HVAC specialists that design, install, and maintain these systems are in demand.

3. Construction and Real Estate Boom:

Numerous development projects are changing Delhi’s real estate sector. Modern buildings require HVAC systems, creating more jobs for workers, engineers, and designers.

4. Energy Efficiency Projects:

HVAC specialists who develop and manage energy-efficient systems are in demand as sustainability and energy efficiency become more important. To save energy, Delhi’s government and businesses are investing in green HVAC systems.

5. Facility Management Firms:

Many Delhi facility management businesses require HVAC professionals to maintain HVAC systems. HVAC technicians and maintenance workers can work here.

6. Consultancy and Design Firms:

Delhi-based HVAC consultation and design organizations work on projects ranging from residential buildings to huge commercial complexes. These companies employ HVAC engineers and designers to construct efficient HVAC systems.

7. HVAC Training and Education:

Quality HVAC training colleges are needed as the need for skilled HVAC personnel rises. HVAC experts may teach and train the next generation.

8. Freelance and Entrepreneurship:

HVAC professionals in Delhi can create their own firms or work as freelancers, designing, maintaining, and consulting on HVAC systems.

9. Government Initiatives:

Delhi’s government promotes skill development and vocational training programs to help HVAC professionals get the skills and certifications they need.

10. Career enhancement:

Delhi’s HVAC industry has defined career paths. Professionals can become supervisors, managers, or specialists as they gain experience.

In conclusion, Delhi’s HVAC business is growing and offers several career prospects. Delhi’s strong HVAC sector offers great job growth and advancement opportunities. HVAC specialists can enjoy a successful and stable career in India’s capital city with the correct training.

List of 10 Best HVAC Courses in Delhi 2023

Here’s the list of the 10 institutes that will offer the best HVAC courses in Delhi in 2023

List of 10 Best Electrical Design Courses in Bangalore 2023

Here’s the list of the 10 institutes that will offer the best Electrical Design courses in Bangalore in 2023:

InstitutesPlacement AssistanceGuaranteed Paid Project Internship                         RecordingCourse Access(LMS) 
MEP CentreYesNoNo
Comfort DesignYesNoNo
Sofcon TrainingYesNoNo
MEPa2z (Building Services Design & Energy Instutute)YesNoNo
Prinston Smart EngineersYesNoNo
Advance Electrical Design And Engineering InstituteYesNoNo


ACTMEP, a leading MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) training institute, is pleased to offer an online HVAC course designed for aspiring HVAC professionals. With a reputation for excellence in the industry, ACTMEP integrates the latest advances and expert guidance to provide a comprehensive HVAC training program. With ACTMEP’s online course, you can study heating, ventilation, and air conditioning from the convenience of your own home.

It is an industry leader in HVAC training. They provide HVAC courses in Delhi that are specific to the industry. Their instructors are subject-matter experts, ensuring that you receive an excellent education.

HVAC Course Highlights

  • 100% Guaranteed Paid Project Internship by ACTMEP
  • 2+LIVE Indian and international projects.
  • 100% placement assistance with an average salary of 3 lakhs
  • Advanced Modules
  • Affordable Fees
  • Certification
  • National & international trainers
  • LMS Access for 6 months ( complete recorded course)
  • E-Books and Handbooks
  • ASHRAE Data Book
  • ISHRAE Data Book

Paid Projects Internships on Course Completion

  • Students need internships to connect theoretical principles to practical applications. They give valuable professional exposure, deepening industry understanding.
  • We value HVAC practical experience at ACTMEP. Therefore, we provide exceptional internships to our students.
  • Participants learn HVAC skills in these internships.
  • Participants can join ACTMEP’s project internships after completing our course.
  • Utilize this opportunity to learn practical skills and start your HVAC engineering career.

Apply now for the 2-month online HVAC course.

4-Step Methodology 

  • Step 1: Attend Live Online Sessions
  • Step 2: Watch Video Lectures
  • Step 3: Do the Assignments
  • Step 4: Participate in a paid internship

Program Type:

  • Online Course: 2-Month Online Live HVAC Course
  • Offline Course: Only in Chennai

Google Reviews and Ratings

200+ reviews and 4.7 average rating

Course Fee:15000 To 20000 INR
Course Duration: 2 Months
Mode of TrainingOnline & Offline Classes
Internship:  Paid Project Internship
Contact Number:7204160004

2. Aptron

Under the brand name Netexperts Educational Services, APTRON Solutions has provided individual and corporate clients with a superior learning experience since 2003. As a trusted education partner, we provide over 250 IT and non-IT training courses for 20+ vendors, including Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, SAP, CompTIA, Red Hat, Salesforce, and many more. We combine the professional technical training content from these vendors with our award-winning course instructors to produce consistently superior training.

It provides a thorough HVAC course in Delhi that is designed to equip students with practical skills. Their approach to learning ensures that upon completion of the course, you will be job-ready.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentIntroduction To HVAC & Refrigeration, HVAC Functioning, Basic Air Conditioning Components, Centralized Air Conditioning & its Parts, HVAC Control, Indoor Air Quality
Course FeeN/A
Location Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi- 110070

3. MEP Centre

Dhanush EnggServices India Pvt Ltd was founded in 2004. Since our founding, we have provided unmatched services in developing MEP (Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, and Plumbing) abilities, often known as building services in the construction industry. A robust team of 30 full-time skilled faculty and 25 non-teaching personnel We train and place people in the domestic and worldwide markets with reputable firms.

MEP Centre is a pioneer in Delhi’s HVAC courses. Their courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of HVAC systems, allowing you to enter the field as a versatile professional.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentPrelude to HVAC, Classification of Air-Conditioning System, Ductable Package A/C, Central Plant Chilled Water System and more
Course FeeN/A
Location D-247, IInd Floor, Above Jindal clothes, Behind Metro Gate No.1 Lane, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi-110092

4. Comfort Design


Comfort Design is a unique design and engineering collaboration between industrial legends to revolutionize engineering. An institute where partners offer an educational system that bridges academics and corporations, creating skills that are essential for employability in the digital age. Professional trainers start with design understanding and applied engineering at Comfort Design.
HVAC training costs and certificates vary by institute. The normal range is 15000–20000.

It is the most reputable provider of HVAC courses in Delhi. They offer courses that emphasize the design of HVAC systems and energy efficiency. You can improve your skills by learning from people who work in your field.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentIntro to HVAC, Load calculationAir Distribution System, Hydronic System/Chilled water system Design,VRF/VRV System Design, Ventilation systems and more
Course FeeN/A
Location B-278, Upper Ground Floor, Tikona Park, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi 110025

5. Sofcon Training

Sofcon Training, a major Indian industrial training institute, offers 100% placement assistance. Successful Sofcon participants receive an NSDC-affiliated credential that is recognized across industries and helps achieve career goals. We’ve provided expert hands-on training for 20 years. Each Sofcon Training participant receives placement support from specialized teams. Companies boost production, quality, and maintenance costs with our well-trained staff.

The HVAC courses in Delhi are practical. They teach HVAC principles, sophisticated systems, and industry trends to help you develop your career.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentIntroduction to HVAC, Refrigeration Systems, Psychrometric Charts, Heat Load Calculation, Air Distribution System and more
Course FeeN/A
Location No: 705 Pearl Omaxe, T1 Tower Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034

6. Building Services Design and Energy Institute

One of Delhi’s best practical-based MEP & Energy training institutes is Building Services Design & Energy Institute. We have Building Services Industry experts with 10–40 years of experience. This institute trains executives and graduate engineers in HVAC, Electrical Services, Public Health Engineering, Fire Protection, IBMS, BIM, Green Building, Renewable Energy, and its use.HVAC system design and HVAC courses in Delhi are its specialties. Their courses train HVAC design professionals to be sustainable solutions experts.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentIntroduction to HVAC and Ashrae GuidelinesCIBSE Guidelines, National Building Code building By-Laws Energy Conservation Act 2001 and more
Course FeeN/A
Location C-64/2, First Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, Delhi-110020

7. Prinston Smart Engineers

We added skill development and training for engineering students in 2016 in various fields. India produces 1.5 million engineering graduates a year, but 75% are unemployed, indicating the need for skill training for engineering students. AICTE mandated internships for engineering students in 2018 to expose them to the industrial environment, applicable technologies, and real-world technical and managerial skills.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentRefrigeration cycle, HAP software, Load calculation using E20, Type of Outdoors, Type of Outdoors and more
Course FeeN/A
Location C-113, Jasola Vihar,Near Jasola Vihar Metro Station, New Delhi -110025

8. Bismilsoft

Bismilsoft Pvt. Ltd., based in Delhi NCR, provides cutting-edge software development. It provides superior software to meet customer business demands. Our tailored solutions with world-class quality reflect each customer’s uniqueness.

It provides HVAC courses in Delhi with a focus on practical applications. Their courses encompass an extensive array of HVAC systems, allowing you to become a versatile professional in the field.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentIntro To HVAC , Load calculation , Psychrometric charts, VRV, VRF, Chiller, Air- Distribution
Course FeeN/A
Location Block A , 44 Sector 2 NoidaNear by Sector 15 Metro Station

9. Advance Electrical Design And Engineering Institute

AEDEI is India’s first ISO 9001:2015-certified Core Electrical Design & Engineering institute. It trains students for technical fields with high-profile jobs, attractive salaries, and dreams fulfilled. Our courses are broken into two parts:Electrical Engineering procurement and Construction Division (EPC) jobs include Electrical system design (ESD), MAT Lab Software, QA/QC-Electrical Engineer, Testing Engineer Electrical, HVAC Design Engineer, Automation & Instrumentation Engineer Design, Mep Design, Solar power Plant design (MW and KW Scale), and Product designing Technical Transformers Design (TTD) and Technical Cable Design (TCD).The HVAC courses in Delhi focus on energy-efficient systems. Their courses equip you for HVAC industry changes.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentIntro To HVAC Heat Load EstimationAir Distribution System, Chilled Water system design, Equipment Selection, Erection of Equipments, Estimation of Project and more
Course FeeN/A
Location No. B/41, IIIrd Floor,Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi-92

10. Cepta

According to ISO 9001:2015 certification, Cetpa Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is the market leader for “specialized training” brands in India. Cetpa Infotech is the foremost provider of training services in multiple engineering domains for both engineering students and working professionals. It has extensive experience educating more than two million students over the past decade.It offers the best HVAC courses in Delhi. Their courses focus on HVAC system design and energy optimization, ensuring you become an industry expert.

Details of HVAC Training in Delhi

Current Course ContentIntro To HVAC & Refrigeration HVAC Functioning Centralized Air-Conditioning, HVAC Control, Indoor Air Quality, HVAC Design Calculation and more
Course FeeN/A
Location D-58, Sector-2, Near Red FM, Noida, 201301

Choosing the appropriate HVAC training program is the first step towards a successful career in the field. These top 10 HVAC courses in Delhi address HVAC design, installation, maintenance, and energy efficiency. With experienced instructors and practical training modules, you will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for success in this booming industry. Do not pass up the chance to pursue a promising HVAC career in Delhi.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which course is best for HVAC?

A1: BE/B.TECH or M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is required for HVAC Engineer certification.

Q2. How much does HVAC training cost in India?

A2: The cost of HVAC training varies by institution, as do the offered certifications.The normal range is between 15000 and 20000.

Q3. Is HVAC an easy course?

A3: Candidates must be good at math and thermodynamics, and with the help of a good minotaur, it’s easy to learn HVAC skills.

Q4. Are HVAC jobs in demand in India?

A4: There are many choices, which is why HVAC jobs in India have grown by 40% in the last five years and will grow by another 34% by 2025.

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